Our Vision

To become a leader in the field of integrated logistics services with the highest quality and innovative perspective at international scales.

 Our mission

To reach a solution within the scope of customer requirements in a short time in the areas we serve and to provide sustainable service without compromising our understanding of quality.

 Management Commitment

As the senior management of UGL we hereby undertake that;

  • We will evaluate the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,
  • That our policies and objectives are created for an integrated management system and that we will ensure that they are compatible with the strategic direction and context of the organization,
  • We will ensure the integration of Integrated Management System requirements into other processes of the organization,
  • Increase awareness of process approach,
  • We will ensure that the resources needed for an Integrated Management System are available,
  • We will forward the importance of effective Integrated Management and compliance with the requirements of the management system,
  • We will ensure that the Integrated Management System achieves the intended results,
  • We will manage and support people to contribute to the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,
  • We will encourage continuous improvement,
  • We will support other relevant management roles to demonstrate leadership applied to their areas of responsibility,